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Obtain Processing of Seafood and Export License  (4) expand_more expand_less
Obtain Clearance by Fisheries  (1) expand_more expand_less
Obtain clearance by Health  (1) expand_more expand_less
Customs Clearance  (1) expand_more expand_less
Obtain Final Clearance and Entry at Sea Port  (1) expand_more expand_less

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Resumen del procedimento

Institutions involved 5 expand_more expand_less

Kiribati Seafood Verification Authority - (Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development) (x 4)
Environment Conservation Division, (Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development)
Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS)
Kiribati Customs Administration and Enforcement - (Ministry of Justice)
Kiribati Ports Authority - DNC Building

Results 2 expand_more expand_less

License Permit to Process & Export Tuna and Other Pelagic Species
License Permit to Process & Export Tuna and Other Pelagic Species
General Health Certificate Template
General Health Certificate Template

Required Documents expand_more expand_less

Duly Completed Application Form - Exporter registration
Product Flow Diagram - Site Plan ( Competent Authority)
HACCP Plan - Supporting Programmes
Equipment and Facility Details (Competent Authority)
Registration Form for Export of Seafood
Registration Form for Export of Seafood
Marine Product Export Application Form
Marine Product Export Application Form
Health Certificate from Exporting Country
Customs declaration
Bill of Lading
Commercial invoice( Customer invoive) (x 2)
Bill of Lading(KPA and Custom) Export

Estimated cost AUD  1

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AUD expand_more expand_less
  • AUD Add Name Here
$1.00 acceptance fee

Total Duration 8 días - 21 días expand_more expand_less

  min max
Duración total: 8 días 21 días
de la cual:
Espera en fila: 10mn 40mn
Atención en ventanilla: 40mn 1h. 50mn
Entre pasos: 8 días 21 días

Laws 8 expand_more expand_less

Customs Act 2005 Customs Act, 2005 Goods are taken to have been exported when the goods leave Kiribati
  Artículos 6, 15. (2)
Fish Export Regulation 2012 Fish Export Regulations, 2012
Fisheries (Amendment) Act, 2017 Fisheries (Amendment) Act 2017
Fisheries Act 2010 Fisheries Act, 2010
  Artículo 45
Food Regulations and Standards 2014 Food Regulations and Standards, 2014
  Artículo 58 (1) and 59
Food Safety Act 2006 Food Safety Act, 2006
Kiribati Ports Authority Act 1990 (amended 1999) Kiribati Ports Authority Act, 1990 (Amended 1999)
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