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Obtain pleasure fishing permit
(last modified: 20/08/2019)

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Certificate of Pleasure Fishing Permit Certificate of Pleasure Fishing Permit


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The holder of this permit is authorized to do pleasure fishing on Christmas Island outside of those areas designated by the Kiribati Government as conservation, Wildlife or Fisheries Research and or Development Zone. The Lands Department a branch division under the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development in London Kiritimati Island have such information. A permit holder is responsible for acquiring this information at this concerned office. CONDITION OF PERMIT. CATCH LIMIT : A daily catch limit of FIVE (5) fish of each species per day. This limit refers to the number of fish killed in one day. It is not an accumulative figure that may be carried forward to another day neither may be caught by visitors provided they are released alive. A quantity of 50 lbs of whole fish by a licensed visitor may be taken from the country OR 20 lbs if filleted. Quantities in excess of this amount will be confiscated. PURCHASE : This pleasure fishing permit does not permit a visitor to involve himself or herself in any form of trade with marine produce whilst on the island. LOBSTERS : No fishing of lobsters is permitted by the visitors to Christmas Island nor any lobsters be taken from the island by them. FISH CONSERVATION : A 'NO KILL ZONE' has been established in the south cast corner of the lagoon. This area has been marked with sign poles to indicate the outer edge of the area. Fishing inside this area is permitted only when accompanied by a tour guide and any authorized officer and is subject to the release live of fish caught. FINE : No authorized person is allowed to fish in the CONSERVATION AREA. A fine of A$1,000 is payable by anyone found to be killing fish inside the Fish Conservation Zone or found fishing without authority.

En caso de problema: Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources Development (MFMRD) - KIRITIMATI BRANCH

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Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources Development (MFMRD) - KIRITIMATI BRANCH

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Kiritimati Fisheries Sub Division

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